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Bartolomé Montalvo
Bartolomé Montalvo

Source: Wikipedia.
Bartolomé Montalvo Sangarcía, (b. Segovia, 1769 – d. Madrid August 11, 1846). He was a Spanish painter.
He was a student of Zacarías González Velázquez, and was admitted to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando on April 6, 1814. He would eventually become the Director of this institution. In 1816 he was named Court Painter of Fernando VII. He specialized in painting landscapes, hunting scenes and still lifes, following the inspiration of Luis Egidio Meléndez.
He took part in the first inventory and appraisal of the Prado Museum Collection in 1834. This museum houses four of his still lifes from the Royal Collection, one of which was stolen in 1974 and recovered in 2003 when it was about to go on auction in the United Kingdom. The Sea Bream is the other painting on display, which was acquired in 2006.

Theme: Hunting Scenes (pair)
Author: Bartolomé Montalvo
Technique: Oil/canvas
Measurements: 63 x 80 cm

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