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Restauración de tejidos
Restauración de tejidos

At Restauro Van Dyck we realise that an in depth microscopic analysis of the piece in question is necessary in order to ascertain the following information:
* The nature of the fibres and the patterns used.
* Thread twist direction: (s) or (z).
* Type of fabric used: taffeta, cross pattern o other patterns used.
* Number of threads per square cm in the screen o warp.
* The hem of the cloth.
* The type of dye or decoration used, paint, gold leaf, metallic thread or weaving.
* Any visible seams or holes produced by needles.
This preliminary examination will determine the safest methods to use in the cleaning and restoration process. A thorough photographic documentation is essential, not only of the general perspective of the piece and the damage it has sustained, but also those decorative elements and techniques that can shed new light on the very nature of the piece.
We then clean the piece with purified water using specific techniques. There are also different dry cleaning techniques at our disposal: vacuum treatment and brushing, steam cleaning, and spot removal. The most adequate technique will be used, depending on the type of fabric. At Restauro Van Dyck, we use specific treatments for textile pieces that are especially fragile or have suffered the effects of fungal or insect infestations
Once the processes have been completed, it is important to bear in mind the different methods of preserving the textile piece in order to avoid possible infections (fungi, insects such a moths, roaches, etc.) or humidity. This makes using an appropriate drying technique essential. During the entire restoration process of the textile piece, the repair and display requires specific techniques which will have a direct repercussion of the lasting preservation of the piece.
In short, the restoration of fabric or textile pieces here at Restauro Van Dyck Art Restoration of Madrid is a meticulous process done in several phases which is specifically adapted to the nature of the fabric in question and the sort of damage which it has sustained.

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