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Restauración Arqueológica
Restauración Arqueológica

At Restauro Van Dyck, we know that the restoration and conservation of archaeological artefacts requires a masterful knowledge of processes that go beyond mere techniques. This is now a discipline which requires technical knowledge, historical background, knowledge of specific materials and their degenerative processes and how to reverse them. The restoration of an archaeological artefact will require a multidisciplinary approach in collaboration with other specialists. This process of conservation and restoration follows a scientific methodology:
* Documentation.
* Analysis.
* Cleaning.
* Consolidation.
* Reintegration.
At Restauro Van Dyck, we integrate the process of archaeological restoration by means of various steps. Firstly an extensive analysis is carried out on the physical and chemical properties of the piece in question, as well as the techniques used to originally fashion the piece and the effect on its conservation.
We also focus on the different phases of degradation, as well as to how the materials used react to the passage of time. Having this data at our disposal, we then consider the various treatments that can be used in the piece’s restoration. Lastly we examine the appropriate conditions for conservation applicable during periods of storage, transport or exhibition. We especially focus on the most important time frame of an artefact: from the time of unearthing to its display in the Archaeological Museum.
At Restauro Van Dyck, we are aware of the fact that archaeological restoration is of vital importance to scientific investigation, and as a piece of cultural heritage. We follow the basic tenets of: reversibility, stability and legibility of the piece. We restore a wide range of pieces made from bronze, ceramic, tile, iron, glass and any other material used in the fashioning of an archaeological artefact.

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