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Restauración de cuadros y pinturas
Restauración de cuadros y pinturas

Here at Restauro Van Dyck Art and Painting Restoration of Madrid, we are aware that paintings are made up of materials that can suffer damage with the passing of time. Humidity, temperature changes and pollution are some of the key factors that can deteriorate a work of art. Light can also cause fading and parasites to appear in wood, paper or cloth. Sometimes a simple accident or fire will result in damage to the work of art.
This is why at Restauro Van Dyck, we specialise in the conservation and restoration of works of art of all types. It is extremely important to be familiarised with all of the various techniques and methods for restoring paintings, since there are many different materials and different types of surfaces, frames and paints that need to be taken into consideration. At Restauro Van Dyck we are well skilled in all of these techniques and processes applicable to canvas paintings, as well as those done on wood and copper.
Our goal is to help preserve works of art and restore their original appearance. We pride ourselves on using non- invasive techniques, with special attention paid to the processes of conservation and consolidation.

Detalle de Daoiz y Velarde de José Nin y Tudo pintado hacia 1876, en proceso de restauración con testigos de limpieza (Museo Municipal de Madrid). Alonso Cano en proceso de restauración, lienzo a mitad de limpieza. (Colección particular.) Tabla de principios del siglo XVI de la Escuela Toledana en proceso de restauración (Museo Santa Cruz de Toledo).
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