Restauro Van DyckTrusted by leading experts, museums and collectors. And we are proud of it. So proud, in fact, that this responsibility is what motivates us to constantly improve our performance.

We believe that a work of art has two types of value: an artistic value and an emotional value arising from the affection or memories of its owner. Sometimes, the emotional value is the stronger of the two. We feel this is extremely important, which is why our work meets every necessary requirement.

Art restoration is a world full of subtle nuances and continuous professional training. It is not only the hands of the artist that have a role to play here. There is an entire realm of restoration technology involved which is constantly coming up with new techniques and instruments to enable us to work even more accurately and safely. All restoration experts owe it to great artists and art work owners to keep up to date with scientific innovations. Because of this concern, we investigate into the latest techniques and tools available worldwide. Keeping up to date is hard work. It has taken a long time and we have travelled far and wide, but it has been worth it.
Thanks to Restauro Van Dyck, Madrid is one of the few cities that can provide top class art work restoration.

To restore a piece well, a wide-ranging and precise diagnosis must be made. At Restauro Van Dyck, we analyse art works using state-of-the-art instruments. Our laboratory analyses the materials comprising the piece in order restore in the most appropriate way.
UV light, X-rays, microscopic photography or pigment analysis, are some of the techniques we use in our work. Some of them can even be performed on-site, to avoid transporting the piece for preliminary diagnosis. Once these thorough examinations have been carried out, we consider the most appropriate techniques to use. We use the safest and most up-to-date instruments, such as leafcasters, laminators, suction tables, etc.

Art restoration or conservation that uses the best techniques and relies on the experience of leading professionals is not always the most expensive option. Restauro Van Dyck will be delighted to provide you with an estimate, entirely free of charge.

We enjoy what we do, and we spend a great deal of time finding the right solution for each specific case brought to us.
Carlos Lázaro López-Francos
Director and founder of Restauro Van Dyck
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